Vatika One on One 16 Gurgaon

Situated in the vibrant heart of Sector 16, Gurgaon, Vatika One on One stands as a premier commercial property that seamlessly blends modernity, convenience, and aesthetic allure. This 12-acre ready-to-move-in commercial hub is strategically located just off NH-48, offering unmatched accessibility and visibility. Whether you are an investor seeking lucrative opportunities or a business owner in search of the perfect location, Vatika One on One has everything you need.

Prime Location and Superior Design
Vatika One on One’s prime location in Sector 16 ensures high footfall and maximum visibility, crucial for any successful business. The project is thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse business needs, ranging from tech startups and professional services to boutique stores and retail outlets.

A key highlight of this commercial complex is its 2-acre landscaped central piazza, designed by the acclaimed HM White from New York. This central space not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the complex but also offers a serene environment for relaxation and social interaction, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere within the commercial space.

Versatile Spaces and Investment Opportunities
Vatika One on One Gurgaon provides a variety of office spaces and retail shops to meet different budgets and investment goals. The commercial property features ready-to-move office spaces as well as shell office spaces, both available in configurations of 500 sq. ft. This flexibility allows businesses to select a space that perfectly fits their operational needs and growth plans.

For retail businesses, Vatika One on One offers prime retail shops with an area of 352 square feet. These retail spaces are ideally located to attract maximum customer footfall, making them perfect for boutique stores, cafes, or specialty shops.

Sustainability and Certification
Beyond its prime location and superior design, Vatika One on One is dedicated to sustainability. The commercial complex is certified as a 4-star GRIHA-rated project, ensuring it meets high standards of environmental performance. This certification highlights the project’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact, making it an appealing choice for businesses aiming to operate in an eco-friendly setting.

Why Choose Vatika One on One?
Strategic Location: Situated just off NH-48 in Sector 16, Gurgaon, ensuring easy access and high visibility.
Design Excellence: Features a 2-acre landscaped central piazza designed by HM White, providing a visually appealing and functional space.
Flexible Investment Options: Offers various office spaces and retail shops to meet different business needs and budgets.
Sustainability: Certified 4-star GRIHA-rated commercial complex, promoting an eco-friendly and energy-efficient environment.
Ready-to-Move: Immediate availability of office and retail spaces, allowing businesses to start operations without delay.
Vatika One on One in Sector 16, Gurgaon, is not just a commercial property; it is a thriving business ecosystem designed to support and nurture your entrepreneurial ambitions. Whether you’re looking to invest in a profitable venture or seeking a prime location to establish your business, Vatika One on One offers the perfect combination of opportunity, convenience, and sustainability. Explore this premium commercial property today and take the first step towards a prosperous future.

Vatika One on One 16 Gurgaon