Dreamfly Innovations’ Graphene Battery Set to Disrupt Drone and Aviation Sectors

In a remarkable feat, Dreamfly Innovations, a Bengaluru-based battery technology startup, has successfully secured $300,000 in an angel round of funding. Leading the charge in this funding endeavor is the esteemed Rebalance Angel Community, with significant support pouring in from the IIMA’s CIIE.

Dreamfly’s mission is nothing short of groundbreaking – they’re poised to revolutionize the energy landscape through their cutting-edge Software-Defined Battery (SDB) technology. This infusion of funds is strategically earmarked for catapulting their products into the market and bolstering their talented team.

Unveiling the Software-Defined Battery (SDB) Breakthrough

Established in 2022 by visionary entrepreneurs and engineering maestros, Dr. Saurabh Markendeya and Kajal Shah, Dreamfly has set out to redefine the battery paradigm and has recently joined list of startup companies in Bangalore to watch out for. Their graphene-based battery solutions offer exceptional performance, marked by safety and durability that’s tenfold higher than conventional batteries.

The crown jewel of Dreamfly’s innovation is the Graphene Battery, a pioneering product destined to disrupt the drone and aviation sectors. This marvel boasts an extended lifespan, rapid charging capabilities, and unmatched operational cost efficiency.

Rebalance recognizes the immense potential of Dreamfly’s battery variants beyond their current applications. They foresee these game-changing technologies making significant strides in sectors influenced by the advent of Industry 4.0, including space exploration, defense, mobility, and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

Aishwarya Malhi and Vikas Kumar, the astute Co-founders of Rebalance and Rebalance Angel Community, shared their enthusiasm for this partnership, acknowledging Dr. Saurabh Markendeya and Kajal Shah’s remarkable expertise and execution prowess. They firmly believe that the future of sustainable energy lies in the hands of such visionary trailblazers.

Dr. Saurabh Markendeya and Kajal Shah, the dynamic Co-founders of Dreamfly Innovations, bring to the table two decades of hands-on experience in SMART Batteries and diverse cell chemistries. Their SMART batteries, leveraging Graphene Cell Chemistry, embody qualities of safety, fire resistance, and precise flight predictability – essential attributes for smooth and accurate drone flights, as per entrepreneur news.

Chintan Antani, VP of Seed Investments at CIIE.CO, underscored the pivotal role of battery systems in India’s evolving electron economy. With the government’s ambitious target of achieving 30% electrification by 2030, novel battery technologies like those pioneered by Dreamfly are the need of the hour, and they stand at the forefront of solving critical challenges in this arena.

Dreamfly Innovations’ Graphene Battery Set to Disrupt Drone and Aviation Sectors