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chahatt khanna rejected the offer of shrimad ramayan

In a surprising turn of events, the talented actress Chahatt Khanna has made headlines by taking a bold step in her career, turning down a significant offer to be a part of the much-anticipated project, Shrimad Ramayan. The decision has sparked curiosity and conversations within the entertainment industry and among fans who were eager to…

who is returning to the kapil sharma show

The buzz is palpable as the popular television talk show, The Kapil Sharma Show, welcomes back a familiar and cherished guest. Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of this special guest, known for their wit, charm, and entertaining anecdotes. Join the anticipation as the show’s audience eagerly awaits the reappearance of this beloved figure, sparking…

top actress radhika apte breaks silence on nude video leaked

Renowned actress Radhika Apte breaks her silence on the recent nude video leak, addressing the incident with candor. Apte’s response sheds light on the challenges celebrities face regarding privacy breaches, sparking discussions on the importance of respecting personal boundaries in the age of digital media. top actress radhika apte breaks silence on nude video leaked

prime minister narendra modi said article 370 is gone forever people of jk are free to write their destiny

In a historic declaration that reverberated across the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphatically proclaimed that Article 370 is now consigned to the annals of history, asserting that the people of Jammu and Kashmir are unshackled and free to script their own destinies. The resounding statement marked a pivotal moment in India’s constitutional landscape, symbolizing…